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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hypothetical Road Test

Imagine yourself on a road trip. It's a beautiful day, a peaceful drive, and a road you've traveled many times before without incident, so all is right with the world. All of a sudden, you encounter this sign on the side of the road that was never there before. Which of the following reactions would most likely be YOUR reaction to the sign?

A. Put your foot in the tank and go full speed ahead toward Change.
B. Put your foot on the break and slow your roll toward Change.
C. Pull to the shoulder and think about it before continuing toward Change.
D. Get off at the next exit and head for home before you get to Change.

You should probably know that there is no RIGHT answer for this test because we're all designed to react differently to Change. But, what we do have in common is this: The outcome of Change will always depend on our reaction to it.

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