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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dateline: The Cosby Accusers Speak

Well, all I can say is my heart is broken and I'm so disappointed in Bill Cosby. I'm also threw with his real-life wife, Camille, who chooses to believe that ALL of these women 'consented' to taking drugs and having sex with her husband. She also said that a wife needs to 'let her husband do what he needs to do', meaning what? A wife can stand by her husband without condoning what he does, especially when it comes to rape. Frankly, I don't know how the two of them can sleep at night because they have daughters. And, regarding his ex-TV wife, Phylicia Rashad--she needs to put a bridle on her harsh tongue, take a seat, and just be thankful this didn't happen to her.

The Bible says pride goeth before the fall. But, it also says that we have to forgive Bill if we want forgiveness ourselves. And, even though that seems like a very 'tall order' right now, it's not impossible. So Bill, God help you if all of this is true, and may He have mercy on your soul. And yes, even in spite of your obvious 'arrogance' getting in the way. But, just remember that God hears all, knows all, and sees all even when we can't... and for that reason, these women (and who knows how many more) can rest easy because He's got this situation under control for His divine purpose.

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