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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"I Want My Mommy!" 😢

Trump 'Welcome to America' Cover

Update 06/22/18

It is now being reported that the father of the 2 year old girl on the Time Magazine cover said that she was never separated from her mother and you can read about it here. The photographer who took the original photo that was used for the cover assumed that the little girl was on the verge of being separated from her mother and by the grace of God, it didn't actually happen.

In spite of the discrepancy, Time has decided to stand behind its cover and this blogger stands behind it right along with them. I refuse to remove it from my blog (or anywhere else I posted it) because the fact still remains that children were 'indeed' separated from their parents during the implementation of that ridiculous "zero tolerance" policy (which Trump has since rescended), and don't even get me started on how this country has a fact-based and undeniable history of separating children from their parents.

So, let the chips fall where they may and I applaud Time for their decision to move forward with the cover on the magazine's upcoming release date of July 2, 2018. Go for it and nuff said!

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