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Monday, June 25, 2018

Here We Go Again! Meet #PermitPatty

Selling Water While Black

This country has a long way to go before it can claim racial equality and freedom for everyone. I guess now, we're expected to believe that every child who ever set-up a stand and sold Kool-Aid, lemonade, water, etc. in front of where they lived actually had a permit to do it. I don't think so!

It's 2018 and this foolishness doesn't make any sense, even when it comes to the "threat" of calling police. It places us at risk for loss of life at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve. It's also a clear misuse of the emergency system to make these calls over such trivial matters. 

Put Racists On Blast

We must continue to call attention to these things when they happen. Whatever economic and/or social consequences the caller experiences afterward is their own fault and they brought it on themselves. And, I'm tired of them turning the whole situation around, crying during interviews (or when the police show up like #BBQBecky did), and playing "the victim" after they initiated these confrontations.

I have grandchildren who sell candy from time to time to raise money for their schools and I don't want this happening to them or anyone else's children.

Update 07/01/18

It seems that #PermitPatty actually lied when she claimed she only 'threatened' to call the police. CNN posted the audio of her 911 call, which has been released to the public. Click here to check it out. Again, whatever fallout she experiences behind this incident, she brought it on herself.

As for the young girl, a good samaritan who heard about the incident has offered to pay the cost for her and three family members to go to Disneyland. Click here to check it out. I praise God for any and all blessings that come her way from this unfortunate situation.

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