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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mitt's Gonna Do What To Big Bird?

We Don't Think So!

I, like millions of other Americans, just finished watching the first Presidential Debate. I actually did a little venting about it on Facebook while it was going on... but after it went off, I decided to do a blog post about it too.

For starters, I could swear there were several instances in which Mitt Romney just repeated President Obama's answers to several of the questions, but worded the answers differently. He also wasn't specific enough about how he's going to implement anything he claims he's going to do, but that's nothing new for him. So, he really didn't say anything that changed my mind about him in the least, despite the fact that it's being reported he won the debate.

I also felt the moderator, Jim Lehrer, did a piss-poor job of facilitating the flow of discussion and maintaining order. It seemed to me he let Romney write his own rules when it came to common courtesy, cutting people off, and talking while somebody else was talking, while the president was consistently told about every minute he went over his alloted time to speak and held to the strictest rules of political etiquette. As a result, Lehrer came across as being somewhat biased to me.

As for President Obama, I'm so sorry this debate took place on his 20th wedding anniversary, and that was probably due to poor planning and timing by someone when the debate schedule was set up. However, I thought all of his answers were articulated quite well and I think he's much more "polished" when it comes to public speaking, as opposed to Romney. But, unfortunately, I have to agree with the news correspondents who felt as though he didn't challenge Romney enough, especially when his answers blatantly conflicted with things he has said in the past (or in other words, when he lied).

It's almost as though the president climbed into the ring with his technique in tact, but he left his boxing gloves at home. And, I hope he's not making the mistake of becoming too comfortable with recent reports that he's leading in the polls. I'm sure Romney climbed into the ring feeling just the opposite... so he gave it his all, it showed, and he won the decision. Hopefully, the president will bring his gloves, be prepared to use them, and go for the knockout in round two on October 16th and round three on October 22nd.

And, regarding Romney's comments about cutting government funding to PBS, which would leave Big Bird without a job... It's really on now! Why would he stop big companies like Exxon from receiving corporate welfare, when he can cut government funding to other things such as PBS instead? Low blow, Mitt! WTH? In fact, unless that whole thing was some kind of inside joke, I'm surprised the moderator didn't have a strong reaction to it because his regular job as host of "NewsHour" would be in jeopardy too, which ironically airs on PBS.

So, the bottom line is, we can't let Romney get anywhere near the White House and that's all there is to it. Now, good people... make sure you vote on November 6th and don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. We all know there are much bigger and burning issues at stake, but now we also know that PBS, Big Bird, and not to mention all of our kids and grandkids who love that station and all it has to offer, will be innocent victims in all of this too and they're depending on us to do the right thing. Don't worry, Big Bird... we won't let you down! :)


Keith said...

Excellent Post dear! (I see you have an anonymous commentor also!)

Toni said...

My debate take (I fell asleep on the last 20 mins.) - Mitt Romney has down a very good job over the last 2 months showing what a shallow, wishy washy, superficial person he is. Pres. Obama, you made a bad error in judgment not pointing this out last night. Romney's backers were ready to abandon him. Your detached, aloof performance breathed new life into to Romney's campaign. I sill expect you to win, but the race will be closer now. YOu can be the "gentleman president" after Jan. 20, 2013. You better be the street fighter president NOW. When you opponent is down, like Romney was, CRUSH HIM! Or else, he may come back to bite you...How are you fellow Bartramite?

Angie B. said...

I see that anonymous troll has left your husband's blog and is over here now..Delete him and shut him down like your husband does.

Brenda said...

Hi Rosalyn, I don't need pundits and blow hard like the Fox News people to tell me how to interpret what happened in the debate. Some of you might want to do a little research on the candidates, the numbers that were thrown around, fact check and stop being led around like sheep.

That's all I have to say until election day! Philly, New Jersey you all have one more week to get registered, GET TO IT!

I am a regular reader of your husbands blog...I come over here every now and then..First time I've commented. I think I've commented on everyone's blog that wrote something about last night's!

Vanessa said...

Mitt Romney showed what he was made of when after bullying Jim Leher for the umpteenth time, he basically told him: when I become President I will 1st fire yo ass by pulling government spending from your "unnecessary" company!!

Arlene said...

Roz, I'm with you! No one, that is no one with sense believed a word Mitt said! We knew he was primed for a smackdown, as Sean Hanitty put it, and "ready for Freddy" as we used to say. But I say that the truth always wins! A lie will never defeat truth. The number of real "dopes" in this society is fewer than the number of people who care. Mitt, Sununu, Rush, that crowd play to the low down dopes. They will never win!

Let's keep our heads up! FORWARD!!

Lady (Bug) / Grammy said...

Hi Toni & fellow Bartramite! I'm doing fine! And, you? :)

Lady (Bug) / Grammy said...

@ Brenda: I don't even watch Fox News, and merely agreeing with an opinion that is in line w/ your own is NOT being led around like sheep. And, why you would assume that no fact-checking and research is going on is beyond me. You made a lot of assumptions and statements that I just don't understand and I'm not sure what you based them on. But, glad to know that you frequent my hubby's blog and mine only once in a while. Sounds good to me.

Lady (Bug) / Grammy said...

Keith, Angie B, Arlene, and Vanessa, thank you for stopping by! :)

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