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Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention: Day 4

Clint Eastwood & His Chair Stole The Show!

The Republican National Convention was held August 27th-30th in Tampa, FL. Actor & Director Clint Eastwood was the so-called "Mystery Quest Speaker" on the last day of the convention and his speech preceeded that of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. All I can say is, if you missed it, get some popcorn and use this link to watch it on YouTube. You're in for a treat!

President Obama's Response to Clint

Now, whether you watched it live as it happened or used the link to watch the YouTube video just now, this Twitter response from the president to Clint should make sense to you. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Great comeback, Mr. President! I love it! It was also reported that the president said later he's still a big fan of Clint and his movies. It's really fortunate that we can usually count on our president to be the "bigger person" in sticky situations such as this, and that's another thing I like and appreciate about him as a leader.

As for my reaction, you're looking at it in the above image. Nothing against Clint because much like the president, I've always liked him as an actor too and even some of the stuff he's directed is pretty good. But, thank God for the ability and gift to be able to "compartmentalize" when you need to, and I've always been able to do it without a problem. So, suffice it to say, this was one of those times.

I, like most Americans, felt his ramblings backfired and the joke was really on him. In fact, I would imagine that even Mitt Romney is feeling a little "upstaged" by Clint and his chair, because it has inadvertently become the most talked about segment of the RNC. Mitt's speech didn't stand a possible chance after that performance, humorously speaking. Clint, it may take you a while to dig yourself out from under this one, but good luck to you! LOL!


09/07/12 UPDATE

After the Democratic National Convention: See what I mean? LOL!

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