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Friday, June 17, 2016

The New Soda Tax In Philly

In spite of the 11th hour discovery that some of the money will be going to the 'General Fund', the soda tax was approved in Philadelphia. Today, City Council approved a 1.5 cent-per-ounce tax on soda, both regular and diet, and on other drinks containing sugar. Here's how much more you might have to pay for your container of soda, if the tax on distributors is passed along to consumers.

10 oz. bottle/can ................ 15 cents
12 oz. bottle/can ................ 18 cents
16 oz. bottle/can ................ 24 cents
20 oz. bottle........................ 30 cents
32 oz. bottle........................ 48 cents
1 liter (33.81 oz.) bottle.......50 cents
2 liter (67.62 oz.) bottle...........$1.00

No judgment here and to each his own. But, if you choose to make your drink purchases within the city, just ponder these two nagging questions before you decide to dive in and support this so-called noble cause that was designed to help fund education.

(1) What happened to the property tax money that is supposed to support our schools?
(2) What happened to the cigarette tax money that is supposed to support our schools?

And, to add insult to injury, more school closings are expected during the summer, in spite of the property and cigarette taxes we're already paying. In all fairness to Mayor Kenney, he didn't create this problem--but, he did inherit it. So, for the answers to these and other burning questions about the sad state of Philly schools, you need to hold our politicians accountable for the way all of these collective tax dollars are being spent.

Now, drink up Philly... because the future of your child's education may very well depend on it--and, in spite of the risks this may cause to your general health and well-being going forward.

#DiabetesIsNoJoke and #ProceedWithCaution

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