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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Make it your business to send Hollywood a message loud and clear this weekend. Please take the time to go and see "RED TAILS", if at all possible. Let's spread the word as the countdown begins to the first showing @ a th...eater near you tomorrow. Be counted among those who give their support opening weekend, when it matters the most. Let's pack the house so we can be proud of those box office receipts come Monday morning. Nothing but #1 will do this time! See you @ the movies!

Update 01/21/12--I went to see this movie last night w/ my hubby and daughter. We thought the film was excellent! As of this writing, the box office receipts are in for Friday and "Red Tails" is currently #2 ($6 million) behind "Underworld 4" ($9.4 million). People, we still have the rest of today and tomorrow to support this film so it will take the #1 spot. Let's do this, y'all... it's important!

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